Available Kittens

All our kittens are reserved!

Cuddly Maine Coon kittens growing up very fast, please check back later in the summer or fall.  


Ranger…loves to rule the gang (Reserved)
Pearl…sweet, sassy girl (Reserved)
Muffin… plays all day with the boys (staying at Caesarhead)
Ranger and Muffin…rare moment of resting, being a kitten is hard work
Titan…gentle lord (Reserved)
Ranger…checking out the scene, Pearl peeking from behind (Reserved)

(fond memories of previous litters)

Four kittens in a Tub
Four kittens in a Tub – snuggled into their forever homes – June, 2016
Ready for Lift off!
Ready for Lift off!
Finn... "wonder if I can land on top of her head?"
Finn… “wonder if I can land on top of her head?”
Follow the Leader
Follow the Leader

Mainecoon Kittens May 2015








2 kittens wellness exam3 lovely kittens







Hanging out, at the vets for our wellness exam